King Koda

This guy right here is probably the only reason that anyone stays on this page. His formal name is King Koda Newman Orthmann-Chin but he goes by any of the following, depending on the day and mood: KoKo, Bubba, (Mr) Magoo, Mageezer, Geezer, GeGe, McFlufface Fluffernutter, Bear, Pupperacci, Angel Face, Brat McGat, Monster Mash….The list is endless, but let’s be real, he doesn’t listen to us anyway.

We adopted him three years ago from our local Humane Society when he was a year old. I was a senior in college living with two roommates, and technically wasn’t allowed to have pets in our rented house, so when we had to call for landlord approval, we gave them AJ’s number and sealed the deal. We were his fourth family in the first year of his life. The first six months we had him he was literally the worst dog ever. This is not a joke. He jumped, he had severe separation anxiety, he was hardly house trained, loved to run away, and was un-walkable on a leash because he pulled so hard. But he had that face and was genuine such a sweet boy. And when I adopted him, I vowed to never give up on him- he would never see a shelter again. It was a lot of work, A LOT of patience, and moving to a place with a fenced yard, but he really grew up to be the best dog ever.

This guy is the love of my life and my best friend. I try to do everything with him, and despite his 75 lb weigh in, insist on taking him everywhere with me (that he’s allowed). He is disgustingly spoiled, howls straight in your face when he wants anything, sleeps with us, and eats whatever we are eating for dinner. He is ridiculously goofy and I swear he has more personality than most people.

GREAT, now that you know I’m a total dog freak




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