Hello! My name is Ariel. I am a 23 year old post-UW-grad still trying to figure it all out. I’m from the Bay Area in California, though I transplanted to Seattle a couple years ago for school and just never left. Now I live with my boy and my dog in our recently purchased house by the beach.

If we are going to get comfortable here and start spending some time together, then there are a few things that I think you should know first:

  1. I abbrev. everything, clearly.
  2. I use phrases like ‘chyeeaa’ ‘holla atcha girl’ ‘mah bitch’ and the likes of. Please don’t judge me.
  3. I also overuse the word ‘literally’. And only sometimes is it used correctly.

So basically you will hate me if you are a grammar slave annnddd I really don’t know what I’m doing on here, or in life in general.

I just read this out loud to myself and felt like I was giving some public speech. “I don’t know what to do with my hands….”


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